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Child Safety Guidelines

Keeping Kids Safe at Parkview Hotel

Parkview Hotel are delighted to welcome families and children of all ages to enjoy a fun and relaxing time with us. Naturally, your child's safety is of great importance to us, so with that in mind, here are a few safety guidelines you should note to ensure your child has a great stay at Parkview hotel. 

Keep an eye on your little one

Public areas of the hotel, such as corridors, bars, restaurants and the lobby, can get crowded at busy times, so make sure to keep an eye on kids at all times, to avoid any potential hazzards. 

Bar areas

It's no surprise that we obey all relevent laws in relation to children in bars, in accordance with Ireland's Liquor Licencing Law:

  • Kids under 15 are allowed in bar areas up to 9.00pm only if they are with a parent or guardian. After this time children will have to leave the area.
  • Children aged 15/18, are allowed in the bar unaccompanied up until 9.00pm. After this time they have to leave the bar.

Parkview Kids Club

The Kid's Club at The Parkview Hotel runs during mid term breaks and holidays and caters for kids from 3 - 12 year and provide a range of entertainment and activities. 

Our staff entertain the children in a safe and supervised environment, but it is important that parents remain contactable at all times. 


We want families to enjoy a fun and relaxing time at Parkview Hotel, but above all we want you to be safe. We ask that the above guidelines be followed, so that your family has a great time at fun and safe time with us.