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Glendalough “the valley of the two lakes” is home to one of the most fascinating monastic settlements in County Wicklow, Ireland, just 30 minutes from Parkview Hotel.

One of the top local attractions on Ireland’s Ancient East, Glendalough offers some spectacular sceneries, rich history, archaeology and abundant wildlife.

Explore this magical place with your family and friends, which is accessible all year round at any time of the day.

Check out some of the wonderful features in Glendalough:

  • Glendalough Visitor Centre
  • Round Tower
  • The Cathedral
  • St. Kevin’s Kitchen
  • The Gateway
  • St. Kevin’s Cross
  • The Priest House
  • St. Kieran’s Church
  • Trinity Church
  • The Caher
  • The Reefert Church
  • Glendalough Upper Lake